University of Brandon, Canada; Tuition Fees for International Students, Cost of Living in Brandon, Admission Requirements, and Programs Offered


A review of Brandon University, Canada; tuition fees for international students, cost of living, admission requirements, application deadlines, programs offered and how to apply for admission are discussed.

About Brandon University

Brandon University is a Canadian university located in the city of Brandon, Manitoba, with an enrollment of 2940 full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate students. The school has a lot of study programs for students in fields of arts, education, health study, sciences etc.

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Tuition Fees for International Students

International students can study in Brandon university and pay very low tuition fees for their program. Tuition fees in the university ranges from $5000 to $8000 per year for international students.

Cost of living in Brandon 

The cost of living in Canada depends on factors like, the spending habit of the student and the city. Cost of living in big cities is higher than the smaller cities. Generally, the cost of living in Canada is estimated at 600 to $800 per month. This amount will cover the cost of food, accommodation, books etc. Here’s the breakdown;

  • Bus Fare One Way (local) $2.00 – $3.00
  • Average Restaurant Meal $10.00 – $25.00 per person
  • Movie $8.50 – $12.00
  • Letter within Canada $0.52
  • International Postage (letter) $1.55

Study Programs Offered by Brandon University

Brandon University offers a broad range of study programs in the fields of Science, Arts, Humanities and Health Sciences and certificate programs. You can click here to search for a study program.

Admission Requirements

For undergraduate study, applicants should be in possession of a high school certificate with good grades in relevant subjects. For postgraduate study, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree result with a good grade is required. Applicants whose English language is not their first language will need to proof their proficiency in the use of the language.

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Brandon university offer a broad range of scholarships to Canadian and international students with good academic record. Applicants will need to apply for admission into the university early enough to be considered for any form of scholarship.

Application Deadlines

Brandon University admits two times a year and the deadlines are as follows;

For fall semester which begins in September, students should turn in their application before April 1 for international students and August 1 for Canadian and US students.

For Winter Semester which begins in January, students should apply before August 1 for international students and December 1 for Canadian and US students.

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How to Apply for Admission

Brandon University accepts online application from students. Note that you will need to pay an application fee before your application can be processed. For more information about the Brandon University application process, visit here or email;

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