Tuition Free Universities in USA

Studying abroad can be very costly especially in the USA; In order to study in USA, you are expected to pay tuition fees by the universities in the country. Many a times these fees are on the high side for international students.

Tuition free Universities in USA is an opportunity for many people who are from low income families and can’t afford to pay their tuition and fees. You are also required to provide evidence of financial capability to take care of your living cost while in the US. This too entails providing a statement indicating a huge amount of money.

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For many people who are unable to meet up to this financial requirement, it is a big challenge to their dream of studying abroad. However, there are a couple of ways to solve this problem, one of which is through scholarships and financial aids offered by some universities.

This article provides a list of the top tuition free universities in USA. These universities have come up with approaches that ensure their students in need of financial aid are able to obtain a degree without necessarily incurring huge debt. This is possible by the full scholarship offered to all of their students throughout their stay in the school. While many of such schools focus on residents in the US, quite a few of them admit international students under their full scholarship and financial aid scheme as well.

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Berea college is a private institution of learning in Kentucky, USA, that is known for its no-tuition scheme. Every student who shows need for financial aid is offered a tuition waiver for the four years period in the institution. However, it has a work-study program. Every student is expected to work a minimum of 10 hours a day within the campus to pay their way through other minor expenses such as accommodation and feeding.

It is a Christian institution whose goal is to provide learning in a bible based environment, as a way to build morally right and responsible graduates, but it is done with respect to students’ various religious identification.

Berea is ranked 60th on the best liberal arts college in the US and the 10th best undergraduate teaching.

Every year Berea College admits more than 70 international student from about 70 countries. Nonetheless, only one student can be admitted from a particular country in a year, except from countries in distress.


This is a conservatory located in Philadelphia, USA, and it is one of the tuition free universities in America. It offers diploma, Bachelor’s degree, Masters and study certificate in music.

Every year Curtis Institute of Music takes about 160 students. This number includes composers, conductors, guitarists, pianists and a number of singers that make up just a single orchestra and opera company. Therefore, admission into this institution is highly competitive.

Curtis Institute of Music offers a full scholarship that is merit based to all of their undergraduate and graduate students throughout their stay in the college. This scholarship has an annual value of $41,087 and $51,924 for undergraduate and graduate students respectively.


Barclay College is a Christian private college located in Kansas, USA. The main goal of the university is to train graduates who are morally upright and responsible. Therefore, it offers mainly ministerial courses in undergraduate and postgraduate levels. However, other courses such as business management and psychology are taken in the college as well.

You are required to meet all of their eligibility criteria, after which all accepted student automatically receive full scholarship to the value of $14,000 per annual, for four years.


Deep Spring College is a two-year college located in Deep Springs California, USA. It offers an associate degree in Liberal arts.

It is an exclusively male college, but may not maintain that status in the years following 2017.

This college is however, a tuition free university in America that is dedicated in preparing young people for a greater civic responsibility and service to humanity.

The college teaches student courses in philosophy, social sciences, literature and mathematics.

Every year Deep Spring College accept a few promising students, including those from foreign countries.


College of the Ozark is another Christian institution of learning in the US. Just like other non- profit private institution, it is Tuition Free Universities in America

College of the Ozark is the oldest university in the state of Arkansas, USA and is owned by the Presbyterian Church. It has a liberal arts Program approach, but it also offers more than 60 specific courses.

The university is one of those with the study-work Program. Therefore, every student is expected to work at least 15 hours a day to help settle their needs while in the school.


Webb institute is a Tuition Free Universities in America for engineering students.

It is a private college located in Glen Cove, New York, that offers fully funded undergraduate courses in marine engineering and naval architecture.

Their full scholarship covers the four years of study, and only requires students to pay for accommodation, books and other materials.


City University of New York, otherwise known as CUNY is a public university located in New York City. Its gets it is funding from both the state of New York and the city of New York, making it one of the few public universities with a very low tuition fee.

The university however offers a tuition free scholarship to students who wish to apply for their Teachers programs. This package also includes a teaching offer on graduation.

These universities offer good opportunities for international students to study outside their country at a reduced cost. However, many of these tuition free universities in America offer just Bachelor’s and associate degrees.


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