Study in Sweden; Cost of Living & Study, Scholarships, How to Apply and List of Top and Low Tuition Universities

Sweden has a long and proud history of academic excellence and despite its relatively small population, its home to some of the world’s best universities. Today we will be looking at education in Sweden, cost of living and study, how to apply and list of top and low tuition universities in the country.

If you are looking for a country to study where you will be encouraged to think independently, creatively and critically, then think of studying in Sweden. The universities in Sweden focus firmly on developing student’s abilities, seeking new perspectives and coming up with well-informed opinions.

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Cost of living in Sweden

Cost of living in Sweden is estimated at SEK7000 (750 Euro) per month which covers the cost of food, accommodation, books, telephone, medical insurance etc.

Please note that this cost of living is just an estimation. It could be higher or lower depending on a student’s spending habit.

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Tuition Fees in Swedish Universities

Students who are not citizens of EU/EEA/Nordic country or Switzerland pay tuition fees which usually ranges from SEK80,000 (8,989 Euro) to SEK140,000 (15,730 Euro) per academic year. Note that this fees apply only to bachelor’s and master’s programmes and courses, while PhD programmes are tuition-free.


Scholarships are also available for studies in Sweden. The Swedish Institute administers several of these scholarships Additionally, Swedish universities themselves also offer scholarships directly to non-EU/EEA students.

How to Apply

Universities in Sweden accept on-line application. You can apply through But note that students who are not citizens of an EU/EEA/Nordic country or Switzerland will have to pay an application fee of SEK 900 (100 Euro)

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List of Top and Low Tuition Universities in Sweden

  • Stockholm University
  • University of Skovde
  • Uppsala University
  • Orebro University
  • University of Gavle
  • Sodertorn University
  • Mid Sweden University
  • Malmo University
  • Lund University
  • Karlstad University
  • Jonkoping University
  • Halmstad University
  • Blekinge Institute of Technology

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