Study in South Korea; Low Tuition Universities with Tuition Fees & Cost of Living in South Korea

Are you an international student wishing to study abroad in South Korea? See all low tuition universities in South Korea with tuition fees, cost of living and how to apply.

About South Korea

Studying in Korea is a dream of many international students. Why is that? There are mainly three reasons why international students want to study in Korea.

First, the educational system is not good in their own country. Since there is much competition for a limited amount of space in universities that academically inferior, international students want to study somewhere else where they can receive a superior education.

Second, the universities in Korea offers international students that superior education since many, including Seoul National University and KAIST, often place in the top 100 universities.

Third, universities in Korea are relatively cheaper for international students than the universities that are in other advanced countries such as USA and Canada.

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List of Cheap Korean Universities with Annual Tuition Fee for International Students

University                                   Bachelor’s                Postgraduates

Pusan National University             $3,700                      $5,000
Kangwon National University       $4,000                      $4,500
Kyungpook National University    $3.900                      $5,000
Chungnam National University     $4,300                      $6,200
Pukyong National University         $4,500                      $4,500
Gyeongsang National University   $4,700                      $4,900
Handong University                         $6,500                      $8,300
Korea University                               $6,800                      $9,000

Accommodation and living costs  in South Korea

Accommodation in a university dormitory will usually be the most affordable option available to you as a  student in South Korea. The government estimates costs at between ₩320,000 and ₩1,500,000 (roughly equivalent to between USD $300 and USD $1,400) per semester, varying depending on the number of individuals sharing a dormitory and the provision of other services such as catering.

Private accommodation can vary greatly – in some areas the rent could be as low as ₩320,000 per month, but elsewhere you might pay up to ₩20,000,000 (USD $18,000) per term with substantial personal deposits also required by some landlords.

One alternative form of private accommodation is the hasukjip, a form of boarding house. These can cost as little as ₩320,000 and ₩530,000 (USD $300-500) a month, but prices and facilities are very variable.

Your university should be able to offer you some information and advice on the arrangements for its own accommodation as well as the cost and quality of nearby hasukjip and other private options. You should contact them early, as you may need advance confirmation of accommodation to show that you have sufficient financial means to support yourself during your studies.

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General Living Costs

The majority of South Korea is relatively inexpensive to live in, though prices in Seoul can be substantially higher than in other regions.

Most universities will offer affordable catering on their campuses and a meal from these facilities can cost as little as ₩2,600 (USD $2.50). In general, South Korea’s native cuisine will cost less than food from western restaurant franchises, but either should be affordable.

The South Korean government estimates the cost of food at roughly ₩320,000 (USD $300) per month if predominantly using university catering.

Access to South Korea’s world-leading high-speed internet services will usually cost around ₩32,000 (USD $30) per month.

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