Study in Finland; Visa Information, Affordable Universities with Tuition Fees and Cost of Living in Finland

Find out how to study in Finland with their most affordable universities; tuition fees, living cost and visa application information available.

Finland is one of the northern countries in Europe. It is bounded by countries like Sweden, Norway and Russia. Many students choose Finland as their study destination because of the educational method employed in the country. The method looks for practical solution in turning potential setbacks into stepping stones. The high education system which is one of the best in the world with great international connections, low hierarchies, academic freedom and low tuition fee are among the other reasons why Finland is considered the country of choice of many who seek high quality and affordable education. So if you need quality education but cannot afford the high fees to study in other expensive countries, you can make up your mind today to study in Finland. In today’s article we shall be looking at vital tips on how to get an admission to study in Finland, cost of living and much more.

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Cost of studying in Finland

Studying in Finland is absolutely free! Yes! Free! The Finnish education system is a priority as Finnish students enjoy subsidized tuition fees. This generally extends to all students inside the EU; and most non EU students. However, Finland will be introducing tuition fees to non EU students from autumn 2017, so this is worth considering along the implications of the recent vote to leave the EU.

There are a few exceptions to the rule of a free Finnish education. Some courses taught in English as opposed to Finnish still charge students, and the prices may vary with tuition fees ranging from 2500 (£2137) to 12,000 euros (£10,258) a year. It really depends on the university and course. If you wish to take a course in English, you however don’t need to worry as most English-taught courses are still free; only a handful of generally specialist courses charge tuition fees. Contact the university of your choice for further information, and they’ll be able to guide you in the right direction.

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Cost of Living in Finland

Cost of living in Finland could be high or low depending on where you live. It’s very easy to live in Finland with a very small budget – markets with local produce are common here, and a weekly shopping can cost as little as a few euros if it’s done very carefully and outside of the city, in the smaller towns and villages. Shopping in the city is however a different story, with rent and food prices at very high rates, it is recommended that you budget 700-900 euros (£598-£769*) per month for living and studying in Finland to cover the cost of accommodation and other expenses. Although the price of accommodation may vary, it is expected that a single, shared room in a student flat should cost between 160 – 340 euros (£137 – £290*) per month.

Admission Requirement

If you are applying for an undergraduate program, you have a valid school-leaving certificate and qualify for higher education studies in your home country. This will also qualify you for higher education studies in Finland. For Masters, a relevant bachelor’s or equal degree diploma is required, and for PhD, a relevant diploma or master’s degree result. However, you are requested to prove your level of English. In some cases, you may be asked to take some qualifying courses.

Languages in Finland

The two national languages in Finland are Finnish and Swedish, and both are used in university tuition. It may also be possible to take courses taught in English, though this is more common at graduate level than for bachelor’s degrees. If your course of study is taught in English, you are strongly recommended to learn at least basic Finnish to help with daily life during your time in the country. Many of the undergraduate courses that are offered in English are found at polytechnics, rather than traditional universities. Also known as ‘universities of applied sciences’, these are institutions offering full degrees, but with a more vocational focus.

For the majority of subjects, however, it is necessary to be able to study in either Finnish or Swedish if you want to complete a full undergraduate degree in Finland. Alternatively, you could study in Finland for a shorter period, for a summer school or as part of an exchange program; in these case there are more English-led options.

Finland Student Visa

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English Language Requirement

If you are an EU student, you may be exempted from the English language test at the majority of polytechnics and universities in Finland as long as you offer a certificate of your language skills. If English was not the language of instruction of your earlier studies and you are not a student from another state of the European Union or EEA, you will be required to provide a prove of your English language proficiency. Please, always check with your university whether your English studies are enough for you to meet this requirement.

Intake Periods/Deadlines

The application period begins around November and runs through February – April depending on the study program. Please, check at the institution website the specific deadline for the course of your choice. For study programs conducted in English, the usual application period starts about 6 months in advance of the beginning of the program.

For example, for programs that starts in autumn, the deadlines will be by February. Please note that you must send all supporting documentation before the deadline expires in order for your application to be considered.

How to Apply for Admission

The mode of application for admission into a university in Finland varies depending on the school and your program of study. Please click here for detailed information on how to apply for admission.

List of Affordable Universities in Finland

1. Aalto University
2. ÅboAkademi University
3. Hanken School of Economics
4. Lappeenranta University of Technology
5. Tampere University of Technology
6. University of Eastern Finland
7. University of Helsinki
8. University of Jyväskylä
9. University of Lapland
10. University of Oulu
11. University of Tampere
12. University of Turku
13. University of Vaasa
14. University of the Arts Helsinki

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