Study in Czech Republic; Low Tuition Universities, Cost of Living, Tuition Fees and How to Apply

Studying in Czech Republic is cheap and affordable; there are several scholarships for international students you can explore. Courses taught in the Czech language are tuition free while the ones taught in English attract tuition fee of about 1000 Euro per semester. Another good reason why one should study in the Czech Republic is the fact that the country has one of the best educational systems in Europe.

The high quality of the Czech education and research is globally recognized, especially when it comes to studying Engineering, Medicine and the Sciences. No wonder why many international students choose the Czech Republic as their study destination. In today’s post, I’m going to provide all the information needed to study in the Czech Republic.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Czech Republic is substantially lower than in any west European country. It is estimated at 250 to 550 Euro, which covers the cost of accommodation, food, travels, cinemas, exhibitions for one month. Note that this amount is just estimation and depends on the student’s lifestyle and on how much he/she really wants to spend. The prices can also vary considerably depending on where you stay.

Cost of Studying 

The cost of studying in Czech Republic depends on the language of instruction of the course or study program. For example, students who want to study in Czech language are usually exempted from paying tuition fees, while those who want to study in English language are require to pay tuition fees of about 1000 Euro per semester.

Application times and deadlines for admission 

Application times and deadlines for study in Czech Republic varies from one institution to another. Applicants should submit their applications in the semester preceding the one in which they intend to study the selected course/program. Their academic year is divided into two, namely; winter and summer. The winter semester usually starts in September and ends in February. The summer semester usually starts by the end of February and ends in June. At the end of both semesters, there is an examination period.

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How to apply for admission

Application for admission into Czech Republic Universities can be done directly with the institution. You will need to download an application for admission form from the institution’s website, fill and send it to the school with all supporting documents. For undergraduate studies, an attested copy of your upper secondary school certificate and a copy of the results from the university entrance examinations in your home country will be needed. For Master’s programs, an attested copy of your Bacherlor’s degree certificate and for PhD studies, an attested copy of your Master’s program certificate. These documents should be in English, Czech or Slovak language.

Work and study in Czech Republic

Students are usually allowed to wrk part time to support their studies. Foreign students (visa holders) can be employed, but must have a job permit. Job permit is not required only if the student (max. 26 years old) works not longer than 7 consecutive calendar days or 30 days a year in total.

Scholarships for International Students

A lot of scholarships are available for students who study or wish to study in Czech Republic and they are as follows;

  • Scholarship Awards under bilateral international agreements
  • Government Scholarships
  • Erasmus Mundus scholarships
  • Visegrad Fund scholarships
  • Scholarships of the South Moravian Center for International Mobility
  • European and other programmes
  • University scholarships

Low Tuition Universities in Czech Republic

  • Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague
  • Brno University of Technology
  • Palacky University
  • Charles University in Prague
  • Masaryk University
  • Silesian University in Opava
  • Technical University in Liberec
  • University of Economics, Prague
  • University of West Bohemia
  • VSB – Technical University of Ostrava

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