Study Abroad with Low Tuition Universities in Belgium; Cost of Living, Student Visa and Tuition Fees

In today’s article, we shall be considering studying in Belgium, tuition fees for EU and international students, cost of living, scholarships, student visa etc.

Belgium is another country in Europe that has low and affordable universities. If you want to study abroad with a low budget, then consider studying in Belgium. 

Belgium is a European country situated in Western Europe. The country has distinctive regions which include the Dutch-speaking Flanders to the north, French-speaking Wallonia to the south and a German-speaking community to the east. The country has a population of 11.2 million and Brussels is the capital.

Scholarships to Study in Belgium

Getting a scholarship offer to study in Belgium might be a daunting task. Although, Scholarships are available for studying in Belgium, the country has basic tuition fees that are standard across the country. The fees ranges from 900 euros for one year of studies in Belgium. In addition to these basic tuition fees, students from outside the EU will be required to pay additional fees of between 2,000 euros and 4,000 euros.

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Working and Studying in Belgium

If you choose to study in Belgium, you’ll be allowed to work part-time in order to earn some extra money whilst you study. If you’re an international student, you may need to gain a work permit, so it is worthwhile checking with your embassy once you arrive in Belgium on your study abroad experience.

Tuition fees

A tuition fee in Belgian universities is affordable. Lets look at the tuition fees for EU and international students.

EU students

The tuition fees of EU students are usually lower than that paid by international students. Tuition fees for EU students in Belgium range from 374 to 836.96 EUR per year for institutions in the French community. About 0.70 to 9.30 EUR for institutions in the Flemish community and an average of 435 EUR for institutions in the German-speaking community.

Non EU or International student

Tuition fees for this class of student range from 890 EUR to up to 4175 EUR per year for institutions in the French community. About 0.70 to up to 25 EUR for institutions in the Flemish community and an average of 435 EUR for institutions in the German-speaking community.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Belgium is not high compared to some European countries. For accommodation , transportation, food, books and other expenses, a students should budget 800 to 900 EUR per month. Here’s the breakdown;

  • Couses and books ……………………… 35 €
  • Accommodation……………………………………… 500 €
  • Food…………………………………………………………. 300 €
  • Healthcare (insurance, medical costs)………. 20 €
  • Public transport…………………………………………… 40 €
  • Miscellaneous (telephone, leisure …)…………… 55 €

Language of Instruction

If you’ve made up your mind to study in Belgium, do not be overly bothered about the language barrier, especially, if you are from an English speaking country. Most courses in Belgium are taught in French, although there are an increasing amount of internationally aimed courses that allow you to study in Belgium in English. If you’re applying for a course that is taught in French, you’ll have to have excellent French language skills. You’ll quite often have to pass a French proficiency test in order to be offered a place on the course.

English Language Requirements

If you choose to study in Belgium in English, you’ll have to provide proof that you hold appropriate English language skills by showing the results of an accepted English Language test. You typically need a score of at least 6.0 IELTS or TOEFL 550 (Paper Based), 213 (Computer Based) in order to study in Belgium in English.

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Low Tuition Universities in Belgium with Tuition Fees for English Courses

  • UC Leuven-Limburg    –      average tuition fees 1,800 EUR/year
  • University of Namur    –     average tuition fees 835 EUR/year
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)  –  average tuition fees between 835 and 1,700 EUR/year
  • University of Liège – average tuition fees 835 EUR/year
  • Boston University Brussels – 850 EUR/year
  • Brexgata University Academy  –   750 EUR/year
  • Flanders Business School   –   850 EUR/year
  • Universiteit Antwerpen   –   1,500 EUR/year
  • Universiteit Gent    –    820 EUR/year

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