Study Abroad in Russia; Low Tuition Universities with Tuition Fees, Cost of Living and How to Apply

Find out all you need to know about studying in Russia; tuition fees ranging from $3500-$4000, cost of living, Visa requirements and how to apply for admission.

Universities in Russia accept students from many parts of the world who they train in such specializations like arts and humanities and the sciences. These students regularly find themselves and the universities at the top of international rankings. Russia also gives international students opportunities to study for free at the government’s expense.

The fact that Russia is among the world powers is enough reason to go there and get that education you desire. Instead of spending more to study in the UK, US and other desirous places, why not go after the same quality education in Russia without worrying too much about high tuition fees and an equally high cost of living? In Russia, you get to experience Russian hospitality and get the full grasp of the rich Russian culture firsthand, all the while taking in the beautiful Russian landscapes and famous landmarks.

Intake Periods

Russian universities mostly have one intake period in a year. The admission period starts in May and ends in August or September, providing enough time for securing one’s visa, which might take three to four weeks. It might be better though to apply for the 6 months preparatory class organized by some of the country’s leading universities where you learn the language and adapt to Russian culture. If your admission is confirmed, you’ll be required to pay $450 for admission-related expenses such as admission university fees, courier mail services to send documents to support your student visa application, airport pickup and assistance in getting a suitable accommodation.

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Affordable Tuition Fees

Unlike its European counterparts, the UK and France and other countries like Canada and USA, the tuition fees for foreign students in Russian universities are low. Tuition could be around $2000 to $3000 except for some courses like medicine and engineering that could range from $2500 to $4000. The scholarship programmes by the Russian government for foreign student also ensures that students get quality education for little or nothing. Isn’t that wonderful?

How to Apply for Admission

In other to get into the Russian university of your choice you have to prepare your documents which you’ll submit via the official university website or email. Your documents should contain a copy of a document that provides details of your education, the subjects and grades.

A Rossotrudnichestvo office or a university [your alma mater] should equip you with a completed and legalized form. Your photos and also a copy of your identification will be needed. Your requirements should have copies in the Russian language.

Upon arrival at the institution, you’ll be required to submit your application form which should contain chosen subject and form of study, documents confirming your identity and translated into Russian, an education certificate, statement in standard medical form, plus photographs in specified form. You’ll need to have your education certificate legalized in the Russian embassy in your country. The first submission should be before your application for a student visa, while the second should definitely be after.

If you’re enrolling independently, you have to contact the international offices of universities so you can get information about what documents will be required and when. If you’re competing for a government scholarship, then it’s important that you contact Rossotrudnichestvo offices or a Russian embassy in your country.

Language Training

All international students have to undergo language training. Since courses are taught in Russian language and some in English, it is expected that all international students applying to study in Russia undergo language training. This is usually carried out in the first year of admission and will cost the student approximately $1500. Students who are successful are permitted to continue their study. However, to study in Russia, a student requires approximately $3500-$4000 annually, for tuition, food, accommodation etc.

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Living Cost And Accommodation

There is an affordable cost of living in Russia as it is one of the lowest in Europe. Feeding, rent, transportation, and other expenses could go for as low as $500 a month. You can either decide to stay in the school hostels, which will cost around $150 to $200, or live away from the campus. Living away from the campus will cost more however, as you’re only likely to find accommodation ranging from $250 to $400 a month.

You would like to move about the city of course. In that case you should obtain a Metro travelling card for a year for around $400 to $500. This will help you get in tune with the city, visit tourist sites and even hang out with new friends.

List of Low Tuition Universities in Russia

  • Amur state university
  • Altai state university
  • Baltic state technical university
  • Bashkir state university
  • Chuvash state university
  • Don state technical university
  • East-siberian state technical university
  • European university of st. Petersburg
  • International East-European university
  • International university of engineering, Moscow
  • Irkutsk state university
  • Ivanovo state Academy of medicine
  • Ivanovo state power university
  • Kazan state university
  • Kemerovo state university
  • Kazan state university of technology
  • Kuban state university
  • Kursk state medical university
  • Lipeck state technical university
  • Modern university for the humanities
  • Moscow institute of physics and technology
  • Moscow state academy of applied biotechnology
  • Moscow state industrial university
  • Moscow state institute of international relations
  • Moscow state technical university of civil aviation
  • Moscow state university
  • Nizhny Novgorod state academy of medicine
  • Nizhny Novgorod state technical university
  • Omsk state university
  • Penza state technical university
  • Perm state university
  • Rostov state university
  • Russian state Hydrometeorological institute
  • Samara state university
  • Saratov state university
  • Saratov state university of medicine
  • Siberian state medical university
  • St. Petersburg state marine technical university
  • St. Petersburg state medical university
  • St. Petersburg state technical university
  • St. Petersburg state university
  • St. Petersburg state university of technology and design
  • St Petersburg state university of telecommunication
  • Tomsk state university

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