Study Abroad in Dominican Republic; Cost of Living, Tuition Fees and How to Apply


The Dominican Republic is a country located in the Caribbean region. The country may not have gained some much popularity in the lists of top countries for oversea education. However, a study in the Carribean island is gaining recognition. Dominica otherwise known as Dominican republic, offers great education. The country may not be having universities in their numbers, but, students who come here to study get the very best.

Dominican republic, is an important offshore medical location. And, it is developing outstanding environmental energy services including the use of geothermal. Aside from a growing and thriving modern economy, Dominica also has perhaps one of the most competitive educational systems in the region and in the West.

Tertiary Education in Dominican Republic

There are few public universities in Dominica. The private tertiary institutions do well academically and most of them run partnership with universities in Europe and other American countries. The country has its own state college called Clifton Community College. However, many also attend schools in other countries. Common options include the University of the West Indies, U.K. and U.S satellite schools and those of other countries.

The medical schools in Dominica, are always making positive headlines. One of the top medical universities is Ross University, which is a large medical school in the region and for biological field study, Clemson University is popular.


For those who wish to study here, speaking English or French is necessary since these are the native and common languages spoken, as well as a form of Creole. Many of the higher education programs in the country are taught in one of these languages, but most are available in English. International students must be able to communicate in these languages to enroll in university programs.

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List of Universities in Dominica

These are list of universities and other tertiary institutions in Dominica;

Public Institutions

  • Dominica State College
  • The University of West Indies 

Private Institutions

  • All Saints University School of Medicine
  • International University for Graduate Studies
  • New World University
  • Ross university school of medicine
  • Ballsbridge University
  • Western orthodox University

How to Apply for Admission into Dominican Universities – International Students

International students are welcome at most of the country’s higher education programs. To enroll, students will need to apply directly to the school. These universities often have availability especially for those students who have significantly good grades as undergraduates (for those enrolling in graduate programs) or in high school equivalents. If the student is accepted by the Dominica university, he or she then is give documentation that allows the student to obtain a necessary student visa. In most cases, this process is straightforward and done quickly.

For further information, visit the official webpage of the institution you are applying for, choose your intending program, and follow the instructions on how to apply.

Students Accommodation

The various tertiary institutions in Dominican Republic offers students accomodation. Most international students will live in dorm like settings on the campuses themselves. Others can rent apartments near the campus. These costs are out of pocket and not included with educational programs.

In order to enroll, students must be able to show that they can provide financial support for themselves. This includes paying for housing and health insurance. Some international students will work while they are enrolled in school. In addition, students will need to pick a specific degree. This may include criminology, human resources, business, medical or law.

Estimated Tuition Fees

International Students Tuition Fees;

  • Part-time –  Undergraduate      –  $340 per credit unit
  • Full-time  –  Undergraduate      –  $11 900 per year
  • Full-time  –  Graduate                –  $17 850 per year

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Dominica is significantly moderate when compared with what is obtainable in other Carribean regions. In terms of costs for higher education, Dominican schools are affordable compared to those found in Canada or the United States.

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Students are advise plan their budget before arrival. Scholarships are offered though, but you be able to cover your expenditures while studying in Dominica republic. The student will need to pay his or her own education. Some may qualify for grants and discounted education for exceptional service or for schooling in an area in demand. Generally, schools help students to find necessary funding.

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