Review of Top Five Word Processing Programs; Some are for Free

Word Processing Programs like Microsoft Word, Pages, Textilus etc serve a lot of purpose; from typing a simple letter to creating a great world renowned novel, you can’t do without either of these Processors. This post focuses on the features of the best five word processing programs of all times. Pages is an example of a free word processing program that comes with any Apple product.

About Word Processors

With the progression of technology, the computer industry has become one of the most revenue generating industry in this world, particularly because of several software technologies. One such technology is Word Processors or Word Processing programs.

The usage of it could be found in your daily routine while working in an office while preparing official documents or being a student we found its application for making assignments, research documents and likewise.

Since your job or your academics are very important, so it’s also crucial to select the best Word Processor according to your requirement. So, here we’re going to mention top 5 Word Processing Programs fulfilling all basic requirements of users or all things which a person need in a Word Processor.

Top 5 Word Processing Programs

Microsoft Word

 If you have some information about Word processing programs, the first name which could strike someone’s mind is Microsoft Word. It is probably the most widely used Word processing program in the world. The biggest reason is that it’s completely free. It also allows you to choose from millions of online and hundreds of offline templates to prepare your official documents. It also allows integrating with the foreign Softwares who can improve your experience of preparing your documents.

Google Docs

One of the latest member of this market of Word Processors but quickly achieved a good market share is Google Docs. It’s one of the top 5 Word Processors in the world right now. Google Docs allows you to upload different documents consuming up to 15 GB of Space., when writing your document if you find it difficult to check for errors, click here to visit this punctuation checking website to proofread before you publish them, the thing just not end here, the best part of it still has to come and it is its Auto-save feature.

This program records your movements and writings and automatically saves it and you don’t need to press the command to save your work again and again. So if accidentally you forgot to save your work, you can start from the exact point where you stopped last time.

Textilus – Microsoft Edition

This is one of the most common Word Processors available in the market. I-pad users are quite familiar with this editor. It has a variety of formatting options and can support up to 32 different languages. It also allows you to edit those documents that can be opened in Microsoft Word, Nisus Writer, Open Office and likewise. It allows you to add complex objects like Tables, Graphs and so on, Check punctuation before you submit your work; it can output the document in almost every kind of formats.

Last but not the least, due to its Snapshot feature, you can take a snap shot of your document at various stages and can store them in the snapshot folder of the application. From that point, you can share your document further.

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King Soft Office Writer

Fourth member of our list of Top 5 Word Processing Programs is King Soft Office Writer which is an integral part of King Soft Office Suit. It can documents that are highly compatible with Microsoft Word.
It also supports rich text editing and document Encryption. The best part of this software is that it allows you to access your email and you can grab any document from there and can bring it into the processor to process it. It doesn’t matter what is the file extension.


The last member of our list is Pages. It’s specifically designed for MAC users but still, it has made to the list because it allows you to create beautiful documents with ease. The text easily wraps itself around images or charts or graphs or any other such object. Furthermore, if you’re going to be the latest member of Apple family by purchasing one of its latest gadgets or computers, you will be getting Pages for free.

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