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The University of New England is one of Australia’s leading innovators in flexible online study with options for on campus and online learning studies.


Online Study Australia has ranked UNE number one in their national list of Australia’s best online universities.

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They also rank in the top three for their Arts, Business, Education, Law, and Science courses specifically.

It is a leading online university in arts, business, education and science. UNE is also the 3rd largest, has the equal highest course satisfaction rate.

Online Study Australia

UNE has been the leading innovator of flexible study for over 60 years because they’re committed to helping busy adults study from anywhere. That’s why Online Study Australia ranks UNE as Australia’s best online university.

Online study can also be referred to as ‘distance education’ (sometimes also off-campus education, or external study) and provides an opportunity for you to study without having to physically attend a campus.

At UNE, online study is about the kind of flexibility and support that can only come from a university that has long understood the challenges faced by adults studying from home.

They have three teaching periods (trimesters), commencing in February, July and November; giving students greater choice about when and how much they study each year.

Please note International students who wish to study wholly online are only permitted to do so if they are studying online from overseas or are studying in Australia on a visa other than a student visa.

How it works

Instead of turning up to a lecture on-campus at a designated time, the course content is provided online for you to access when it suits you each week. It might be a podcast (recorded lecture), a set of readings, questions posed in a discussion board, an online quiz or a video.

Your lecturer will guide you through the unit with a weekly plan of study, as well as checking in on the discussion boards or forums. You can communicate with teaching staff via email, online chat or the phone.

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To make sure your learning can take place when it suits you, UNE provides online facilities which allow you to send questions, submit assignments, order library books, check your grades and access other resources, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They also believe that a vital part of being able to study from anywhere is your engagement with the learning community. Communication with your classmates, teaching staff and university support staff will enhance your study experience and ensure that your skills extend beyond just the subject matter.

Intensive schools

Some units have intensive schools that enable students to engage in practical exercises, tutorials and lectures during intensive periods on campus in Armidale. This is a requirement for some units that have an important practical component, often in the sciences.

For details of course requirements, refer to the Course and Unit Catalogue listing for your course. Intensive School requirements are listed under individual Unit Information.

Online Programs Offered

Foundation Studies

HSC University Pathways
Pathways Enabling Course
TRACKS Tertiary Preparation Program

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Undergraduate Courses

Advanced Diploma in Arts
Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies
Advanced Diploma in Local, Family and Applied History
Advanced Diploma in Science
Associate Degree in Agricultural Production and Management
Associate Degree in Teaching (Pacific Focus)
Bachelor of Accounting
Bachelor of Agribusiness
Bachelor of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Bachelor of Agricultural Production and Management
Bachelor of Agriculture
Bachelor of Agriculture/Bachelor of Business
Bachelor of Agriculture/Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Animal Science
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Audiometry
Bachelor of Biomedical Science
Bachelor of Business
Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology
Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Community Services
Bachelor of Computer Science
Bachelor of Computer Science/Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Criminology
Bachelor of Criminology/ Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary)
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching)
Bachelor of Education (In-service Conversion)
Bachelor of Education (K-12 Teaching)
Bachelor of Education (K-6 Teaching)
Bachelor of Education (Pacific Focus)
Bachelor of Education (Secondary Arts)
Bachelor of Education (Secondary Mathematics)
Bachelor of Education (Secondary Music)
Bachelor of Education (Secondary Science)
Bachelor of Educational Studies
Bachelor of Environmental Science
Bachelor of Environmental Science/Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science
Bachelor of GeoScience
Bachelor of Historical Inquiry and Practice
Bachelor of International and Language Studies
Bachelor of International Studies
Bachelor of Languages
Bachelor of Languages and International Business
Bachelor of Laws (3 Years)
Bachelor of Laws (4 Years)
Bachelor of Media and Communications
Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Nursing
Bachelor of Organisational Leadership
Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours
Bachelor of Plant Science
Bachelor of Psychological Science
Bachelor of Psychology with Honours
Bachelor of Rural Science
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Scientific Studies
Bachelor of Social Science
Bachelor of Social Work
Bachelor of Special and Inclusive Education (Primary)
Bachelor of Sustainability
Bachelor of Theatre and Performance
Bachelor of Training and Development
Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning
Bachelor of Zoology
Diploma in Agriculture
Diploma in Arts
Diploma in Business
Diploma in Community Welfare and Wellbeing
Diploma in Educational Studies
Diploma in Modern Languages
Diploma in Music Skills
Diploma in Music Technology
Diploma in Professional Communication
Diploma in Prosecution and Advocacy
Diploma in Science
Diploma in Town Planning

Bachelor Honours

Bachelor of Agribusiness with Honours
Bachelor of Arts with Honours
Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology with Honours
Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours
Bachelor of Criminology with Honours
Bachelor of Economics with Honours
Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science with Honours
Bachelor of International Studies with Honours
Bachelor of Media and Communications with Honours
Bachelor of Medical Science with Honours
Bachelor of Music with Honours
Bachelor of Nursing with Honours
Bachelor of Science with Honours
Bachelor of Social Science with Honours

Postgraduate Courses

Graduate Certificate in Accounting
Graduate Certificate in Acute Care Nursing
Graduate Certificate in Agribusiness
Graduate Certificate in Agriculture
Graduate Certificate in Applied Economics
Graduate Certificate in Applied Leadership in Positive Education
Graduate Certificate in Applied Linguistics
Graduate Certificate in Arts
Graduate Certificate in Business
Graduate Certificate in Commerce
Graduate Certificate in Data Science
Graduate Certificate in Disability
Graduate Certificate in Education Studies
Graduate Certificate in eLearning
Graduate Certificate in Environmental Science
Graduate Certificate in Health Management
Graduate Certificate in Health Professional Education
Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management
Graduate Certificate in Information Technology
Graduate Certificate in Management
Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Practice
Graduate Certificate in NDIS Business Development
Graduate Certificate in Planning and Management of Natural Hazards
Graduate Certificate in Professional Practice
Graduate Certificate in Research Methods in Health and Social Care
Graduate Certificate in Science
Graduate Diploma in Accounting
Graduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics
Graduate Diploma in Commerce
Graduate Diploma in Counselling
Graduate Diploma in Data Science
Graduate Diploma in Disability
Graduate Diploma in Economics
Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies
Graduate Diploma in Health Management
Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
Graduate Diploma in Local, Family and Applied History
Graduate Diploma in Management
Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Practice
Graduate Diploma in Planning and Management of Natural Hazards
Graduate Diploma in Psychology
Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced)
Graduate Diploma in Public Accounting
Graduate Diploma in Science
Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning
Master of Applied Leadership in Positive Education
Master of Applied Linguistics
Master of Applied Theatre Studies
Master of Arts
Master of Business Administration
Master of Commerce
Master of Commerce (Public Accounting)
Master of Computer Science
Master of Counselling
Master of Data Science
Master of Economic and Regional Development
Master of Economics
Master of Education
Master of Environmental Science and Management
Master of Health Management
Master of History
Master of Information Technology
Master of Information Technology (Business)
Master of International Business
Master of Laws
Master of Mental Health Practice
Master of Natural Resource Governance
Master of Nursing
Master of Nursing Practice
Master of Planning and Management of Natural Hazards
Master of Professional Accounting
Master of Professional Psychology
Master of Psychology (Clinical)
Master of Science in Agriculture
Master of Scientific Studies
Master of Social Work (Professional Qualifying)
Master of Strategic Organisational Development and Human Resource Management
Master of Teaching (Primary)
Master of Teaching (Secondary)
Master of Urban and Regional Planning

Postgraduate Research

Doctor of Education
Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology)
Master of Education (Research)
Master of Environmental Science (Research)
Master of Laws (Research)
Master of Philosophy
Master of Rural Science
Master of Science

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