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We have reviewed top 12 Online RN to BSN Programs that are affordable and accredited, very flexible and tuition fees per year are stated too.

Bluefield State College – Bluefield

  • Online RN to BSN Program; Bluefield State College represents something akin to the Platonic ideal of online RN degree programs: a staggeringly low price point; a long history of accreditation; an accelerated (albeit highly selective) three semester completion option; and multiple professional specialization options. Students interested in School Nursing, for example, can take several courses that lead towards the requisite certification at no additional cost. Although there are a handful of required “Boot Camps” (i.e., full-day, on-site instruction sessions) and clinical practicums throughout the degree program, Bluefield’s emphasis on quality and value will quickly convince any skeptics that the occasional commute is a worthwhile trade for the caliber of lessons learned.
  • Tuition Fees; $8,700/yr,

Fort Hays State College – Hays

  • Online Bachelor of Science in Nursing – RN to BSN; Given the increasingly complex and specialized responsibilities of nurses in hospital and clinical settings around the country, there aren’t many compelling reasons not to get a BSN degree. But if you’re still in search of motivation, it’s worth taking a look at Fort Hays State College. Boasting a CCNE accreditation that’s nearly 20 years old, FHSU has led the charge in elevating the standards of the nursing profession nationwide. And now they have made it easier than ever to open the doors to career advancement and graduate education with a 100% online BSN degree for less than $10,000 a year.
  • Tuition Fees; $9,155/yr

Bemidiji State University – Bemidji

  • Online Nursing (RN-to-BS); Although Bemidiji State University describes the delivery format for its RN to BSN degree completion program as “blended,” there are few enough required campus visits for it to qualify as an online program. More specifically, students need to make the commute to campus just three times each semester. And while this isn’t a high hurdle for many, the university nonetheless ups the ante on convenience by offering these face-to-face sessions at multiple regional sites, including locations in Duluth, Cambridge, Coon Rapids, White Bear Lake, and East Grand Forks. Needless to say, it’s a small price to pay for the exceptionally low-cost online BSN degree program students will find at Bemidiji State.
  • Tuition Fees; $9,256/yr

Midwestern State University – Wichita Falls

  • Online RN to BSN; It may sound too good to be true, but Midwestern State University’s Wilson School of Nursing has managed to condense an accredited RN to BSN online program into just two semesters of full-time study (or four semesters for part-time students). Naturally, this concision translates to a lower price point as well, but no school would crack the top five if it didn’t offer the competitive advantages to match. As a complement to its comprehensive, 100% online curriculum, the Wilson School also features a state of the art, 13,000 square-foot simulation facility to provide hands-on experience in lieu of clinical practicum requirements.
  • Tuition Fees; $8,980/yr

Colorado Mesa University – Grand Junction

  • Online Registered Nurse-Bachelors of Science in Nursing Program; Like Cox College, Colorado Mesa University offers a tuition discount for affiliated RNs; in this case, students working at a CMU partner institution are awarded a one-time $1,000 tuition discount on top of a host of other financial aid and scholarship opportunities. But this is just the icing on the cake! The educational advantages of an online BSN degree from CMU are vast, from flexible, year-round starting dates to an 18-month accelerated curriculum. Factor in the comprehensive, integrated nursing curriculum that spans hospital technology, administrative strategy, and of course the latest nursing practices, and the end result is a one-stop shop that offers just about everything you could want from a nursing school.
  • Tuition Fees; $12,773/yr

Cox College – Springfield

  • Online RN to BSN; For better or worse, price is often a deciding factor for students selecting among even the best online BSN degree programs. And while Cox College isn’t necessarily the cheapest option available, its affordability certainly makes it stand out among its competitors. Cox’s already low tuition is even further mitigated by the 20% tuition discount it offers to CoxHealth RNs. With cost concerns out of the way, there’s little reason left to resist the awesome perks of a Cox BSN: dual MSN and BSN programs, which include year-round enrollment, modular scheduling, and 8-week courses.
  • Tuition Fees; $10,587/yr

Georgia Southern University – Statesboro

  • Online RN-BSN Program; Even a brief Internet search will reveal that Georgia Southern University sits atop myriad online RN degree rankings from websites such as Online U, Best Master of Science in Nursing, and Top RN to BSN. Suffice it to say that it’s hardly a coincidence to find GSU high up on this list as well. Although there is a required on-site orientation for all students who enroll in the online BSN degree program at Georgia Southern, the remainder of the academic experience features both synchronous and asynchronous online coursework as well as part- and full-time options to accommodate a range of domestic and work schedules.
  • Tuition Fees; $11,560/yr

Eastern Kentucky University – Richmond

  • Online RN-BSN Degree Program; A leader in online education in a multitude of professional and academic fields, Eastern Kentucky University is one of a select few institutions in the nation where it is possible to earn a top online registered nurse degree in a single year. In comparison with the Traditional Path, where BSN students take one course every eight weeks, students in the 1-Year Path double their course load to graduate in just half the time. Although not all students necessarily qualify for this fast-track option, it definitely puts EKU at the front of the pack in terms of convenience and value.
  • Tuition Fees; $12,895/yr

Fitchburg State University – Fitchburg

  • Online Bachelor of Science – RN to BSN in Nursing; Included among US News’ 2014 ranking of the Best Online Bachelors Programs, Fitchburg State University is known around the nation for its commitment to providing an exemplary distance learning experience. In particular, Fitchburg’s low-cost online RN program stands out as a progressive program that integrates law, leadership, and technology with best practices in patient and community care to consistently produce well-rounded and competent nursing practitioners. To top it all off, BSN students at Fitchburg also engage in research and in-clinic practice to acquire hands-on knowledge at the frontier of nursing.
  • Tuition Fees; $12,975/yr

California University of Pennsylvania – California

  • Online Nursing RN-BSN; With top rankings among online BSN degrees from the likes of US News and the SR Education Group, California University of Pennsylvania is an obvious contender for a top spot on this online registered nurse degree ranking. CUP’s cohort class structure and 8-week course modules set it apart from more conventional educational formats that are not necessarily suited for distance learning or students with full-time professional careers. By grouping students together over the course of their degree and mandating a one-class-at-a-time approach to scheduling, CUP promotes focused studying while also encouraging networking and socialization in and out of the virtual “classrooms.”
  • Tuition Fees; $12,002/yr

New Mexico State University – Las Cruces

  • Online RN to BSN Completion Option; New Mexico State University is not only one of the top resources for online nursing education in the state; it’s also a recognized leader in value and convenience across the country. Aside from a brief campus orientation to kick off the program, BSN students at NMSU can earn this degree without leaving the convenience of their own home (though it would do them some good to leave the house once in a while!). And with an accreditation from the CCNE that’s secured at least through the year 2022, students today have plenty of time to take advantage of the highly flexible and low-cost RN to BSN online program they can only find at NMSU.
  • Tuition Fees; $12,873/yr

Northern Arizona University – Flagstaff

  • Online Registered Nurse to Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing Program; At Northern Arizona University’s School of Nursing, ADNs and registered nurses are eligible for a fast-track online nursing degree that has the capacity to catapult their careers to new heights. Combining 100% online coursework with clinical practicums at centers located in students’ local communities, NAU’s RN to BSN program offers the best of both worlds – the worlds of convenience and quality, that is. What’s more, NAU’s seamless BSN Mid-AAS Track grants students the opportunity to begin earning their BSN online while simultaneously working towards an associate’s degree – a dream come true for ambitious and efficiency-minded individuals.
  • Tuition Fees; $16,853/yr




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