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Do you want to recycle, expand or complete your knowledge? Would you like to be promoted in your company? Do you want to embark on a new path or reorient your professional career? Do you want to train in the competence most demanded by the labor market?

Inesdi offers professionals and companies the most complete and up-to-date training to be part of the sector with the most projection of the moment, they are the first business school specialized in Digital Innovation.

The pedagogical model of Inesdi encourages innovative content for business management, helping to improve personal skills and employability of students. Their academic model is based on the acquisition of knowledge, the development of skills and the promotion of personal competences.

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What They Offer

Inesdi Digital Business School is part of a digital ecosystem that helps people and organizations adapt to the digital environment, making them stronger in front of their competitors;

  • They promote companies through digital innovation and change management.
  • They bet on the attraction of digital talent.
  • They study and analyze the evolution of the digital economy. They anticipate the future by detecting new trends and relevant changes in the sector.
  • They help create and launch companies with a successful digital business model.
  • They facilitate the growth of organizations through digital marketing.


The human team of Inesdi has a common objective; the professional and personal development of its students. Inesdi is committed to high quality training and innovation in all their postgraduate and master’s degrees. Their challenge is to train professionals and entrepreneurs to be competitive in the digital era, facilitating their immersion in the 2.0 culture.

Specialized training

Inesdi is a reference in specialized training in digital economy applied to the different areas of business organizations. Companies need professional profiles according to the new market trends , their training programs are specially designed to be applied immediately in current work environments.

Specialization in E-commerce

With the specialization in E-commerce you will be able to know the business models and trends in electronic commerce and master the latest techniques in platform design.

Executive Programs

Executive Program in Big Data for Executives

The management of Big Data today is key and the way to enhance its value is through business intelligence. 

Executive Program in Digital Transformation of the Company

Inesdi with the collaboration of Deusto Business School, present Executive Program in Digital Transformation of the Company, the first program, within the framework of the digital economy, offered in Spain and Latin America.

Executive Program in Digital Innovation of Human Resources

Digital Innovation of HR is a training to lead and accompany the digital transformation of organizations from Human Resources and be innovative; Through this program you will discover how to take advantage of the digital revolution as a competitive advantage for the business. Because companies urgently need a new model of people management, which responds to their needs in real time.

Postgraduate Courses

Postgraduate in Cybersecurity

With the Postgraduate Diploma in Cybersecurity you will acquire the necessary knowledge and practice to be able to define and establish the appropriate strategies and actions in terms of Cybersecurity, Cyberdefense and Cyberintelligence.

Postgraduate in Branded Content & Transmedia Storytelling

Learn to develop a content strategy that allows you to avoid the saturated traditional advertising format. Discover how to advertise effectively and create links between users and your brand’s products or services.

Postgraduate in SEO & SEM

Search engine marketing is one of the areas where more digital professionals are required. With this program you will learn, through practice, to optimize a website to improve its positioning in search engine results pages.

Postgraduate in Digital Analytics

Their program in Digital Analytics will provide you with a wide knowledge of the different tools and methods of online analysis and measurement. You will learn in a practical way about a real project so that, when you finish, you can become professional as a digital analyst.

Postgraduate in Customer Intelligence & Data Analytics

With the Postgraduate Course in Customer Intelligence & Data Analytics you will learn how to work and exploit the value of data, you will know the tools that will help you in this task and all the keys to be a good analyst.

Inesdi Masters Programs

Master in Digital Communication & SEO and SEM

Learn to provide real solutions to the processes of digital transformation of the company. You will learn how to make a 360º Social Media Plan, also including a Search Engine Marketing Plan. In the same way, you will learn about web positioning and optimization.

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Master in Customer Intelligence & Digital Analytics

This master is key within the specialized training in digital economy. In it, you will develop the most appropriate techniques for the design, implementation, management and analysis of an Online Measurement Plan and Data Analytics.

Master in Digital Communication & Web Analytics

Master with the most appropriate techniques for the design, management, analysis and measurement of a 360º Social Media Plan, as well as an Online Measurement Plan.

Master in Digital Marketing & SEO / SEM

Discover the practices and techniques to carry out the design, implementation, management, analysis and measurement of a Digital Marketing Plan and Search Engine Marketing. You will work on a real project that will allow you to acquire the necessary experience.

Master in Digital Marketing & Web Analytics

Master to acquire the knowledge and the most appropriate techniques for the design, implementation, management, analysis and measurement of a 360º Digital Marketing Plan, including also a Strategy Plan for the measurement of a website.

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Master in Digital Marketing & E-commerce

Master to acquire the most appropriate knowledge and techniques for the design, implementation, management, analysis and measurement of a 360º Digital Marketing Plan, including also a Plan for the launch of an electronic commerce.

How to Enrol

When you get to the official website below, scrol down to the bottom and get their email or phone nuumber and ask them how to apply, tuition fees for your desired course, requirements etc, and they will send them to your mail. be sure to ask them what language the program you choose is offered in, some of their programs are offered in Spanish and Latin America.

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