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Online High School, Australian Christian College Marsden Park


The Australian Christian College online high school is the largest provider of non-government online education in the country. Their brand has a long history of working with students off campus.

In addition to being a “real school” that delivers learning via distance education, they are also a Christian school. This is at the heart of everything they do.Most non-government schools in Australia are affiliated with a religious denomination such as Catholic schools and Anglican schools.

Their school is non-denominational. What that means is that their staff attend different churches and the school is not aligned to one denomination.

 A Flexible Education

Have you met someone who is completing professional development online or a university course online? They think that it’s a smart option to be upscaling yourself professionally at a time and place that is convenient to your career and your family.

Many of their students know exactly what they want to do and they are working towards very specific goals. You will find them competing at the highest levels in sport and arts.

How to Enrol

By completing their online application form, you are telling the College that you would like to apply for enrolment at ACC.

You only need to provide the parent/legal guardian details once. If you have any questions about application, please fill and submit the enquiry form.


Each Application is to include copies of relevant documentation which can be uploaded with the online enrolment application​ or emailed to

  • Birth Certificate
  • Australian Citizenship/Visa/Passport if child/ren not born in Australia
  • Latest school report​
  • Years 3/5 NAPLAN results (if applicable)
  • Copy of Medicare Card
  • Copies of Immunisation records
  • Custody orders/parenting agreements​ (if applicable)​
  • Specialist reports/documents relating to students with a physical disability, social/emotional, sensory or cognitive (if applicable)​
  • Medical reports eg. asthma, anaphylaxis (if applicable)​

Once all documents have been provided and they have received your $100 (per student) application fee (using the ‘Pay Now’ button below the form), an enrolment interview will be scheduled with the Principal.

It is important that you read through the Student Enrolment Contract to become fully aware of the conditions of enrolment.

After your application is received and interview completed, you will receive a Letter of Offer OR a letter advising application is unsuccessful.

An application does not guarantee a place at the College.

Follow this link to enrol your wards –

Submit Your Fee Payment Form

To finalise your enrolment, they will need you to download and to complete a fee payment form authorising them to charge your credit card.
Fee payment form Click here to download the Fee Payment Form.

You can send your fee payment form directly to their accounts team at:

Getting Started

Once you are enrolled in the school, you will receive a letter from the school via email confirming your enrolment in a registered school and you will also receive your login details to the school’s learning management system. You will receive a student login and a parent login.

After you receive your details, one of their teachers will contact you via phone to setup a time to train you and your teenager on exactly what you need to do in the distance education program.

The training takes place on your computer. With your permission, they are able to see exactly what you see and they work through any issues that you might have with accessing the school’s learning management system.

The training program covers the following topics;

  • Accessing the school’s learning management system
  • Setting up your own profile in the school
  • Setting up a timetable so that you can have structure in your school day
  • Monitoring your teenager’s progress in their learning
  • Communicating with other students and finding other students with common interests
  • Accessing your school courses
  • Working through a typical lesson in distance education
  • Participating in a class discussion
  • Submitting work to your teacher
  • Accessing your online textbooks
  • Communicating with your teachers
  • Taking attendance in distance education

They have found that teenagers learn their system very quickly because they are comfortable in a technology-rich environment. The focus of their training is on the parent who is acting as the parent-supervisor.

You can take a look at Khan Academy.

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