Low Tuition Universities in Slovenia with Tuition Fees, Admission Requirements and Cost of Living


List of low tuition universities and colleges in Slovenia, tuition Fees, cost of living and admission requirements and how to apply are what we will discuss now. To study in Slovenia, an international student will not be dissatisfied with the kind of study schedule there.

As a matter of fact, Slovenia is a perfect destination for any student that wants to study abroad on low tuition. It has part of its territory by the great Alps and part by the sea. 

It is also a member of the European Union, Schengen Area and the Euro zone.  Students are not required to pay tuition fees if they are taking a full-time study programs at public institutions, and enjoy affordable tuition fees at part-time studies and at private institutions.

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Tuition Fees

EU students and students from other continent that have reciprocal agreements with Slovenia, student of an exchange program between higher education institutions and international citizens with permanent residence in Slovenia, and you or your parents pay tax in Slovenia do not need to pay tuition fees at public universities. However, they only pay a little registration fee of about 30 EUR per year. 

But this is not the case with Private universities as individual university decides on what a student pays. As an international student, you need to budget about 1500 EUR to over 10000 EUR per year for your tuition fees depending on the study program if you are heading for a Private institution or part-time.

Admission Requirements

If your Language of instruction will be in Slovenian or English, you will have to show proof of proficiency via Language test result in any of the two. 

For undergraduate studies, you have to provide a secondary/high school result. Similarly, Post graduate students must be in possession of a recognized degree certificate from a recognized university outside Slovenia.

Kindly refer to your university of choice’s webpage for specific information on this. From February to March, August, October are the periods for application deadlines if you intend to study in Slovenian Universities.

Cost of Living

Cost of living in Slovenia can only be estimated as different students have different lifestyle. Students can expect to spend 550 to 600euro /month, to cover accommodation, transport, food and study material. Breakdown of the costs of living per month in Slovenia is given below;
Food: €200/month.

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Accommodation Costs;

  • Student Dormitory/residence hall: €80 -120/month
  • Private accommodation: €150 -250/month (depends on location)

Transportation Costs;

  • Urban public transport card: € 20/month

Free Tuition Universities

  • Environmental Protection College 
  • Faculty for Commercial and Business Sciences (FCBS) 
  • Faculty of Applied Social Studies 
  • Faculty of Information Studies
  • European Faculty of Law 
  • European Study Center Maribor 
  • Academy of Dance
  • Academy of Visual Arts 
  • College of Nursing Jesenice 
  • Doba Higher School of Business

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How to Apply

Send your application directly to the institution you want to attend for evaluation. Have in mind that your application will determine your qualification for a chosen course of study. Expect an acceptance letter from the institution immediately your admission is certain. Sometimes, you’ll be needed to fill and submit an online application. Please kindly visit your school of choice’s webpage for more information on this.

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