Low Tuition Universities in Latvia with Tuition Fees

In this post, we have outlined all the low tuition universities and colleges in Latvia so that you can easily choose the ones you would like to study in. For now, we have not included any information such as how to apply, cost of study, etc. So, you will kindly need to visit any university below directly through its web link.

Please it might interest you to get this facts – The accrediting body for universities and colleges in Latvia is the ‘Council of Higher Education’ (Augstākās izglītības padome). Institutions are divided into ‘first-level vocational schools or colleges’ (pirmā līmeņa profesionālās izglītības iestādes jeb koledžas) and Augstskola, a Latvian language term roughly translated as ‘high school’ or ‘higher school’, which covers institutions generally referred to as universities or tertiary colleges in English.

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Please find below the list of cheap tuition universities and colleges in Latvia best for international students. You are advised to consult the university you wish to apply for specific information on how to apply and tuition fees for individual courses.

Cheap Tuition Universities in Latvia

State Universities (Valsts universitātes)

Daugavpils University
Latvia University of Agriculture
Riga Stradiņš University (formerly Medical Academy of Latvia)
Riga Technical University
University of Latvia
University of Liepāja (formerly Liepāja Pedagogical Higher School)

Non-University Type Colleges (Neuniversitātes tipa augstskolas)

Baltic International Academy (including the Baltic Psychology and Management College)
College of Economics and Culture (lv)
International School of Practical Psychology (lv)
ISMA University
Latvian Christian Academy
Luther Academy
Riga Aeronautical Institute
Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL)
Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration
School of Social Technologies
Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
Transport and Telecommunication Institute
Turība University
Vocational schools and colleges
State colleges (Valsts koledžas)
Daugavpils Medical College (lv)
Fire Safety and Civil Defence College
Jēkabpils Agribusiness College
Latvian Cultural College at the Latvian Academy of Culture
Liepāja Maritime College
Malnava College (lv)
Olaine Mechanics and Technology College
Red Cross Medical College at Riga Stradiņš University (lv)
Riga 1st Medical College (lv)
Riga Building College
Riga Business College at the BA School of Business and Finance
Riga Medical College at the University of Latvia (lv)
Riga Technical College
State Agency for Social Integration College
State Border Guard College
State Police College (lv)
Stradiņš Medical College at the University of Latvia (lv)
Colleges established with legal personality (Juridisko personu dibinātās koledžas)
Albert College
Christian Leadership College
College of Accounting and Finance
College of Business Administration (lv)
College of Law
Cosmetology College
Latvian College of Business (lv)
Novikontas Maritime College


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