Low Tuition Universities in Brunei with Tuition Fees, Cost of Living, Student Visa and How to Apply

Would you like to know more about Brunei, Cost of living, cheap universities in Brunei Darussalam with tuition fees, how to process student visa? Just scroll down and read further on everything about studying in Brunei.

Study in Brunei Darussalam takes the international student to the exotic Southeast Asian island of Borneo in the South China Sea. One hundred miles of shoreline form the western boundary of Brunei while the remainder is surrounded by the nation of Malaysia. Malaysian lands actually separate Brunei into two separate, unconnected areas. These two separate regions are divided into four districts, which are further subdivided into 38 mukims. About 90% of the Brunei population lives in just 15 of these mukims.

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Cost of Living

The currency of Brunei is known as the Brunei Dollar. It is currently exchanged for about 0.72 US dollars but this figure keeps changing. This exchange rate is a reflection of the high standard of living of the country. The cost of living in the country depends on the location you are living while studying and your personal lifestyle. Ninety percent of the country’s GDP comes from crude oil and natural gas.

Brunei is the #9 highest exporter of natural gas in the world. The remaining 10% of its GDP is derived from foreign and domestic entrepreneurship, government regulations, and wares from traditional village crafts of its indigenous population. Imports are important to Brunei, where 60% of the nation’s food is imported. Other imports include agricultural products, including livestock, and automobiles and electronic equipment.

Health Insurance

All foreign students must provide proof of health insurance upon enrollment. Coverage must be effective during the student’s entire term of study.

Student Visa

Check with your homeland’s embassy for assistance in obtaining a visa to study in Brunei. In addition to travel authorization, an international student must submit three complete sets of application forms and certified copies of academic certification. The University of Brunei Darussalam has a late March deadline for submitting these documents.

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All international students must submit the following before a study visa is issued;

  • A valid passport
  • Proof of sufficient funds for at least one year
  • Admission letters from the chosen universities
  • Certified copies of academic qualifications
  • A medical certificate
  • Health insurance for the entire period of study.

Useful Tips

Brunei is an absolute Islamic government which uses a system of law fashioned from that of British common law. Its laws are published in English. In certain situations, however, Islamic sharia law takes precedent over British common law. Law enforcement can be harsh, with lengthy prison sentences and caning as punishment. 

Brunei loves its cars, where there’s one privately owned vehicle for every 2.09 people. Students from the US will find that gasoline in Brunei is about half the price they pay stateside.

Tuition Fees

Though most of the universities in Brunei are government-sponsored, international students still have to pay tuition. The tuition varies from one university to the next. Tuition is also affected by course of study and duration of the study.

For instance, undergraduate degree programs cost between $1,426 and $1,782 (us dollars)/per semester in the Brunei Institute of technology. While Masters programs is about $3,200 in the same school.

The University of Brunei, on the other hand, has a tuition fee of 3000B$/year for arts and humanities programs; 9000B$ for engineering courses; and B$40,000 for dentistry for undergraduates.

The tuition fee is not inclusive of fees for other on-campus accommodation and miscellaneous charges.

How to Apply

To be admitted to study in Brunei, it is not enough to have enough funds, one must be a high achiever academically. International students past academic records are scrutinized to make sure they meet the standards required.

Selected students must also pass an entrance exam related to the chosen course of study. Apart from that, a series of interviews might be conducted before final approval is given for admission.

All these is to ensure that only the best and the brightest end up in the universities.

To get the specific admission requirements of each University, visit the university’s website for all the relevant information.

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Low Tuition Universities in Brunei for International Students


  • University of Brunei Darussalam
  • Brunei Technological University
  • Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University
  • Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College
  • Institute of Brunei Technical Education


  • Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology
  • Kemuda Institute
  • International Graduate Studies College
  • Micronet International College
  • Bicpa-Ftms Accountancy Academy
  • Laksamana College of Business

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