Latest Admission Requirements for International Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD Studies at the Universities in Slovenia


Review of Latest Admission Requirements for International Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD Studies at the Universities in Slovenia.

Slovenia is a perfect destination for any student that wants to study abroad on low tuition. It has part of its territory by the great Alps and part by the sea. 

It is also a member of the European Union, Schengen Area and the Euro zone.  Students are not required to pay tuition fees if they are taking a full-time study programs at public institutions, and enjoy affordable tuition fees at part-time studies and at private institutions.

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Undergraduate Entry Requirements

Students applying for studies at the undergraduate level are required to be in possession of 

  • A valid secondary/high school result
  • Proficiency result in English or Slovenian

Postgraduate Entry Requirements

Also, postgraduate students are to present

  • A relevant bachelor’s or equivalent degree diploma

Doctorate or PhD Entry Requirements

International students can study at the doctoral level in Slovenia. They are required to show 

  • A relevant diploma or Master’s degree program.

Language Requirements for Studies at Universities in Slovenia


Slovenian is the main language of instruction at the universities in Slovenian. All students applying at the undergraduate level are required to show proof of their proficiency in the language. Not all courses requires the proficiency results in your first year. But for courses related to education or languages and communication, you must prove your level of knowledge of Slovenian in the first year of study.

For the rest of courses, you can prove your level of command of Slovenian in the second year of studies. If you are applying for graduate studies, you are not required to have knowledge of Slovenian. However, you will need to prove you have knowledge of, at least, one world language eg English.


For international students planning to study in English, you will be required to prove your level of command of English by presenting the results you received at English courses.

We advice you always visit the school you want to enroll for more information about the admission requirements.

Comprehensive List of Low Tuition Universities in Slovenia For International Students

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Public Institutions

  • Faculty of Information Studies, Novo Mesto
  • University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana
  • University of Maribor, Maribor
  • University of Nova Gorica, Nova Gorica
  • University of Primorska, Koper

Private Institutions

  • Academia, Maribor
  • Academy of Visual Arts, Ljubljana
  • Alma Mater Europaea – Evropski center, Maribor, Maribor, Ljubljana, Murska Sobota
  • Celje Higher School of Commerce, Celje
  • College of Nursing Jesenice, Jesenice
  • Doba Higher School of Business, Maribor
  • Environmental Protection College, Velenje
  • European Faculty of Law, Nova Gorica
  • Faculty of Applied Social Studies, Nova Gorica
  • Faculty of Organisation Studies in Novo mesto, Novo Mesto
  • Faculty of Postgraduate National and European studies, Kranj
  • GEA College of Entrepreneurship, Ljubljana
  • Higher School of Applied Sciences, Ljubljana
  • Higher School of Health Care, Novo Mesto
  • Higher School of Technology and Systems, Novo Mesto
  • IEDC-Bled School of Management, Bled
  • International School for Business and Social Studies, Celje
  • Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School, Ljubljana
  • Ljubljana Graduate School of the Humanities, Ljubljana
  • Ljubljana School of Design, Ljubljana
  • Ljubljana School of Accounting, Ljubljana
  • Novo Mesto Business and Management College, Novo Mesto
  • Polymer Technology College, Slovenj Gradec

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Approved Private Institutions

  • Academy of Dance, Ljubljana
  • DOBA Faculty, Maribor
  • European Study Center Maribor, Maribor
  • Faculty of Media, Ljubljana
  • Higher School of Economy, Celje

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