IAE Online Business School Austral University, Argentina

Why Study with IAE Business School Austral University?

Quality of the Program

The quality of the MBA at IAE Online Business School Austral is audited by various independent organizations. The Austral University program is among a select group of just 76 business schools in the world with a “Triple Crown”, an accreditation by the three most influential accreditation associations.

  • Association of MBAs

Career Management

They will accompany you and guide you throughout your ENTIRE professional career.

Through Career Management, the MBA student receives advice and self-awareness tools to guide them in managing their career. Increase your general skills and achieve a better positioning in the labor market.

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During the year, students have different employment and networking opportunities that provide possibilities to reintegrate with the labor market in the short term.

Mentoring Programme

The Mentoring program is, without doubt, one of the stand out features of the MBA. The Mentor is a professional with extensive corporate experience and knowledge, who, acting neutrally, can guide the the students in their growth and career development.

During the Master’s program, each student has an EXECUTIVE MENTOR (Presidents and Executives of major companies) and an ACADEMIC MENTOR (IAE Professor). Working together, the student and his mentor build a valuable relationship by exchanging experiences and advice during each meeting.

The One-Year MBA is an intensive international learning course that prepares you for the many challenges you will face in companies all over world. If you are an adventurous, curious person who wants to advance and surprise yourself, this is your MBA.

They also Offer Executive MBA- EMBA

What Is an EMBA?

IAE’s Executive MBA provides an intensive training that prepares you for the challenges you will face at any company around the world. If you are a demanding, restless individual who wants to stand out and move forward, this is the right EMBA for you.

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Personal Impact

When you train, you manage to push your own boundaries. You make a difference and feel at peace with your performance. You don’t give up; you work hard and push yourself to live up to your potential and to give your best.

Training is daring, challenging the status-quo and making the transformation happen. It is the key to driving humanity forward.

Visit their official website for Requirements and how to apply.

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