Free Tuition Universities in Canada for International Students; Cost of Living and How to Apply

Want to study in Canada for free, you will want to try our advice on how to achieve your dream. We will discuss on tuition free universities in Canada, cost of living, how to enrol for studies in Canada and other vital information.

Canada is one of the fastest growing economy and a very popular study abroad destination for international students.

How you can study in Canada for free as an international student

  1. Choose destinations in Canada that are international students friendly.
  2. Choose programs that are very relevant to your country’s growth if you are from a developing nation.
  3. Apply while you are still young or just starting your career.
  4. You have to pass the English exams or GMAT exam very well.
  5. Consider alternative financing options like Scholarships.

Tuition Fees in Canada

If you’re a Canadian citizen studying in Canada, you can hope to pay an average of CA$6,571 per year for an undergraduate degree, and CA$6,907 per year for a graduate degree.

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That of international students is estimated at CA$25,180 (~US$20,540) per year.

Students who want to study free in Canada should consider studying on scholarship. There are a lot of 100% tuition scholarships for students who want to study in Canada.

Since provinces in Canada are mainly autonomous, there is no one-size-fits-all school system and curricula in Canada.

Public primary education and high schools are free of charge but not the universities. The Canadian education system is ranked among the best in the world

Cost of Living in Canada

Cost of living is the total amount of money it will take a student to survive for one month taking into consideration all expenditure apart from tuition fees. This can be accommodation, bus fare, feeding, internet service charges, leisure expenses,  clothing, books etc.

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In Canada, it is relatively affordable compared to what is obtainable in Australia, USA or UK.

Total cost of living can be estimated at $600 to $1000 a month. 

Cost of living breakdown for International Students in Canada;

  • Accommodation (one bedroom apartment) – $400 approximately per month.
  • Books and supplies – $1000 per year
  • Movies – $8.50 – $13
  • Average restaurant meal – $10 – $25 per person
  • Groceries – $150 – $200 per month

A student can spend more or less. This list is just an estimate and strongly depends on one’s spending habits.

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Admission Requirements and How to Apply 

Please for specific admission requirements and application process, visit the school website and follow the information there strictly as this varies from school to school.

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If you want to apply for graduate studies in Canada, you will have to pass through these steps below;

  • Complete an online application form
  • Upload your credentials and transcript
  • Upload proof of proficiency of the language of study for your program
  • Upload your letters of recommendation
  • Write statement of purpose; follow the scholarship or school’s guidelines on how to do this where applicable
  • If you did not study in Canada, you may need to pay international evaluation fee to get your certificate valid.
  • When you have secured admission, you then apply for a Canada Student visa and scholarship.


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