Free Online Courses and Distance Learning Programs by University of Strathclyde UK

Strathclyde is among top UK and international universities, as well as leading cultural institutions, partnering with education provider FutureLearn to provide high-quality, free online courses.

Online learning offers a new way to explore subjects you’re passionate about. Their free courses known as Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs – are designed to fit around your life, with short activities and clear goals to encourage you to make progress.

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About University of Strathclyde

The University of Strathclyde is a leading international technological university located in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city. Its commitment to useful learning guides its research, learning and teaching – and the way it works with businesses and organisations.

Research is of central importance in everything Strathclyde does. It informs the University’s teaching and helps it to make a difference to business, industry and society as a whole. The University’s Technology & Innovation Centre – which also boasts some of the most modern, flexible conferencing facilities in Glasgow – is transforming the way Strathclyde works with partners. Strathclyde’s advances in research output and quality have been significant. It is now among the 20 top research intensive universities in the UK, as shown in latest Research Excellence Framework (REF).

The University’s reputation and influence is global, yet it is an institution firmly grounded in the heart of Glasgow. Strathclyde contributes to the social, cultural and economic life of Scotland through the presence of a vibrant, international student community, as a major employer and by proactive engagement with the city leadership to drive Glasgow’s growth.

Established in 1796 by Professor John Anderson ‘for the good of mankind’ and with the purpose of being ‘the place of useful learning’, Strathclyde is the only higher education institution to be established in Scotland during the Enlightenment.

Free online courses Offered by Strathclyde

  • Introduction to Forensic Science; Explore the methods underpinning forensic science, from crime scene investigation to reporting evidential value within a case.
  • Caring for Vulnerable Children; Develop an understanding of some of the approaches involved in caring for vulnerable children, with this free online course.
  • Understanding Modern Business & Organisations; Learn how knowledge, technology, ethics and globalisation affect businesses today, with this free online course for graduates.
  • Genealogy-Researching Your Family Tree; Develop an understanding of genealogy – how to research your family tree and communicate the results – in this free online course.
  • Understanding Violence Against Women: Myths & Realities; Learn how to challenge attitudes that lead to violence against women and develop your knowledge of this human rights issue.
  • Getting Care Right for All Children; Implementing the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children. Ensure that alternative care is a necessary, suitable and positive experience for children, with this free online course.
  • Understanding Information & Technology Today; Non-technological ‘big picture’ of technology and information systems to help you understand what technology can do for you today.

Online undergraduate & masters courses

Strathclyde Online undergraduate and masters programmes are delivered through their excellent virtual learning community, MyPlace. These programs are not free, they attract standard school fees. Please visit their website for specific details.

Online learning gives you access to the same high-quality Strathclyde experience as the students on campus, but offers you a much more flexible learning environment. You can access your course whenever and wherever you are in the world.

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Online undergraduate courses

  • Chemical Engineering (BEng)
  • Chemical Engineering (MEng)

Online masters courses

  • Autism (MEd)
  • Business Analysis & Consulting (MSc)
  • Child & Youth Care Studies (MSc)
  • Climate & Energy Law (LLM)
  • Early Years Pedagogue (MEd)
  • Environmental Engineering (MSc)
  • Environmental Health Sciences (MSc)
  • Genealogical, Palaeographic & Heraldic Studies (MSc)
  • Hydrogeology (MSc)
  • Internet Law & Policy/Information Technology & Telecommunications Law (LLM)
  • Operational Research (MSc)
  • Process Technology & Management (MSc)
  • Psychology with a specialisation in Business (MSc)
  • Prosthetics &/or Orthotics Rehabilitation Studies
  • Safety & Risk Management (MSc)
  • Welding Metallurgy and Welding Engineering (MSc)

Scholarships are available to support your funding and fees, choose the one suitable for you and apply on time. Please look up each course for specific requirements, as for the free courses, no entry requirements. 

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