Cheapest Study Abroad Destinations in Europe for International Students with Tuition Fees and Cost of Living


Do you wish to study in Europe? Let’s look at the cheapest study abroad destinations in Europe for international students. The reason behind this article is to help some brilliant students who face various challenges when they want to study outside their country especially in European countries like Germany, France, Belgium, Georgia, Russia, Malta, Norway and Ukraine get the basic information about the cost of studying and living in these countries. 


Most of the courses taught in the universities in Germany are in the German language. As an international student, you may begin to worry about this. It is nice to let you know that there are increasing numbers of English courses taught also even in the low tuition universities in Germany.

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Cost of living in Germany

Cost of living in Germany is estimated at 600euros which covers the cost of accommodation, food, travels, books, stationeries, health care, registration fees etc. So, in one year the estimated cost of living is put at 8000 euro. This is an estimate amount; it could be more or less. It depends on the individual involved since different people have different lifestyles.

Top Universities in Germany

  • Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM) (Technical University of Munich)
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen (LMU) (LMU Munich)
  • Freie Universitat Berlin
  • Universitat Freiburg
  • Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin
  • Eberhard Karls Universitat Tubingen


The cost of study in France is very low as compared to tuition fees in UK and US. In public universities, tuition fees range from 150 – 800 Euro. These tuition fees depend on the level of study (like BS, masters and Doctorate).

Cost of Living in France

Besides studying on low tuition in France, the cost of living in France as an international student is cheap and affordable. It can be estimated at 1,050 to 1,200 Euro/month to cover accommodation, books, transports etc. in Paris. This cost is lower in minor cities and also depends on the spending rate of the individual.

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Top Universities in France

  • Universite de Caen
  • Universite de Franche-Comte
  • Universite de Marne la Vallee
  • Universite de Provence
  • Universite de Savoie
  • Universite de la Mediterranee


The first country we shall consider is Belgium. Belgium is a good and conducive European country to study your dream course with extremely high quality of life. Education and health care in the country is one of the best in the world. As an international student in Belgium, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the rich culture of the land common in cities like Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, Liege and Namar.

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Cost of living in Belgium

Living in Belgium is fun. The cost of living in Belgium is a bit higher as compared with other European countries. It’s estimated at about 800 euros per month which will cover the cost of accommodation, food healthcare, public transport, telephone and leisure. But to bit this cost down, you will need to stay in a minor city and also regulate how you spend your funds and resources.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees in Belgian universities when compare to that in top study abroad countries like USA, Australia is very low and affordable. It ranges from 1500 euros to 4000 euros per academic year.

Top Universities in Belgium

  • Boston University
  • University of Kent
  • Brussels Schools Of International Studies
  • University Of Antwerp
  • The Open University
Cheapest Study Abroad Destinations in Europe for International Students with Tuition Fees and Cost of Living


Studying in Russia will afford you the opportunity to see the unique Russian culture and enjoy hospitality at its best. Apart from these, you also earn a degree that is based on high international standards. You will learn the Russian language as all international students are expected to learn the language before they start their study.

Cost of living in Russia

Cost of living in Russia is one of the lowest and affordable to international students in Europe. It’s estimated at $300 which covers the cost of accommodation, food, books etc.

Note: To study in Russia, international students will be expected to undergo the Russian language training that usually last for one academic year and will cost about $1500.

Top Universities in Russia

  • Moscow state university
  • St. Petersburg State University
  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
  • Tomsk State University
  • Russian State University of the Humanities
  • Moscow State Institute Of International Relations


Georgia is another country with low tuition universities. Georgia is a transcontinental country which is situated between Europe and Asia; it’s bordered by the black sea in the west, Turkey and Armenia by the South.

Cost of living in Georgia

Cost of living in Georgia is cheap and affordable. It ranges from $300 to $500 per month and covers the cost of accommodation, food utility, travel etc. But this is just an estimate as it all depends on the student’s lifestyle and location.

Fees in Georgian universities vary from institution to institution. For undergraduate programmes, it’s approximately $2500 to $3000 and about $4000 for postgraduate study.

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Top Universities in Georgia

  • Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
  • University of Georgia (UGA)
  • Augusta University (formerly Augusta State University and the Medical College of Georgia)
  • Georgia State University (GSU)
  • Georgia Southern University (GSU)
  • Kennesaw State University (KSU)


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