Cheap Universities in Argentina for International Students with Tuition Fees, Cost of Living, Admission Requirements and How to Apply

We have reviewed some cheap or low tuition universities in Argentina that are affordable to international students, their tuition fees and all other information you need to make a decision about your study destination.

Argentina is one of the Latin American countries. It can only be found in South America with its terrain encompassing Andes Mountains, glacial lakes and pampas grassland.

Why Study in Argentina?

When you Arrive at Argentina as an international student, you will not only get to discover the highly ranked, diversified and accredited undergraduate and graduate higher education studies but also, affordable costs of living.

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Besides, you will share academic activities with other international students who are there for the same purpose as yours, and there is possibility of having a unique life experience if you like touring as a student because of the sharp contrast of geographical and climatic conditions over there.

Read down to learn more reasons you should study in Argentina. From research, I have successfully come up with these are most of the reasons Argentina is usually preferred as a good study abroad destination by international students;

  • Quality of Universities in Argentina
  • Affordable tuition and living costs
  • Spanish is a foreign language 
  • Breadth of academic offerings
  • Good tourism destination
  • Attractive cultural and social life
  • Sharp contrasting climate

Tuition Fees in Argentine Universities

In Argentine public universities, tuition fees are very affordable especially when compared to the majority of North American and European countries. As a general matter, tuition fees are more expensive at private universities in Argentina and widely varies among courses.

Despite the fact that private universities charge higher tuition fees when compared to public universities, it is still relatively affordable and moderate than those in other advanced study destinations especially in Europe. These costs can range from ARS 8, 000 to 24,000 (US$1,000-$3,000) annually. 

Costs of Living

The cost of living in Argentina is comparatively low. The food stuffs and other essential commodities are sold at extremely cheaper rate. Thus, as an international student, if you budget about US$ 900-$1,000 each year, it will take care of your accommodation, books, transports, etc. Foreign students are allowed to work and study, only if they satisfy all the legal requirements, which are to obtain a work permit and be granted legal residence in the country.

How to Apply and Admission Requirements

Their academic year runs from March to November. International students will have to send their applications directly to the institution  they want to study at. Also, they must show copies of school certificates and other important credentials.

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Their major language of study is Spanish, which you need to be acquainted with before you will be able to study there successfully. International students must then apply for a student visa after being offered admission; it is renewable every 2 years, when their admission is certain.

Cheap Universities in Argentina for International Students

Below are cheap universities in Argentina that are affordable to international students to study their courses. 

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  • Escuela de Medicina del Hospital Italiano –
  • Escuela Universitaria de Teología  –
  • Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO) –
  • Instituto de Enseñanza Superior del Ejército –
  • Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires –
  • Instituto Universitario –
  • Instituto Universitario Aeronáutico  –
  • Instituto Universitario CEMIC –
  • Instituto Universitario de Ciencias de la Salud Fundación H.A. Barceló –
  • Instituto Universitario de Gendarmería Nacional
  • Instituto Universitario de la Policía Federal Argentina  –
  • Instituto Universitario del Gran Rosario –
  • Instituto Universitario de Salud Mental de la Asociación Psicoanalític –
  • Instituto Universitario de Seguridad Marítima –
  • Instituto Universitario Escuela Argentina de Negocios –
  • Instituto Universitario . IDEA  –
  • Instituto Universitario . ISEDET  –
  • Instituto Universitario Italiano de Rosario –
  • Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte –
  • Instituto Universitario Naval –
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina  –
  • Universidad Abierta Interamericana –
  • Universidad Adventista del Plata  –
  • Universidad Argentina de la Empresa  –
  • Universidad Argentina John F. Kennedy  –
  • Universidad Atlántida Argentina –
  • Universidad Austral  –
  • Universidad Autónoma de Entre Ríos –
  • Universidad Blas Pascal  –
  • Universidad CAECE  –
  • Universidad Católica de Córdoba  –
  • Universidad Católica de Cuyo  –
  • Universidad Católica de La Plata  –
  • Universidad Católica de Salta  –
  • Universidad Católica de Santa Fe  –
  • Universidad Católica de Santiago del Estero  –
  • Universidad Champagnat  –
  • Universidad de Belgrano –
  • Universidad de Bologna –
  • Universidad de Buenos Aires –
  • Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales  –
  • Universidad de Concepción del Uruguay  –
  • Universidad de Congreso –
  • Universidad de Flores  – 
  • Universidad del Aconcagua –
  • Universidad de la Cuenca del Plata  –

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  • Universidad de la Fraternidad de Agrupaciones Santo Tomás de Aquino  –
  • Universidad de la Marina Mercante  –
  • Universidad del CEMA  –
  • Universidad del Centro Educativo Latinoamericano –
  • Universidad del Cine  –
  • Universidad del Este –
  • Universidad del Museo Social Argentino  –
  • Universidad del Norte Santo Tomás de Aquino  –
  • Universidad del Salvador –
  • Universidad de Mendoza –
  • Universidad de Morón  –
  • Universidad de Palermo  –
  • Universidad de San Andrés   –
  • Universidad Empresarial Siglo 21 –
  • Universidad Favaloro  –
  • Universidad Gastón Dachary –
  • Universidad ISALUD –
  • Universidad Juan Agustín Maza –
  • Universidad Maimónides –
  • Universidad Nacional de Catamarca –
  • Universidad Nacional de Chilecito –
  • Universidad Nacional de Córdoba –
  • Universidad Nacional de Cuyo –
  • Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos –
  • Universidad Nacional de Formosa –
  • Universidad Nacional de General San Martín –
  • Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento
  • Los Polvorines – Juan M. Gutiérrez 1150 –
  • Universidad Nacional de Jujuy –
  • Universidad Nacional de la Matanza –
  • Universidad Nacional de Lanús –
  • Universidad Nacional de la Pampa –
  • Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral –
  • Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco –
  • Universidad Nacional de la Plata –
  • Universidad Nacional de la Rioja –
  • Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires –
  • Universidad Nacional del Chaco Austral –
  • Universidad Nacional del Comahue –
  • Universidad Nacional del Litoral –
  • Universidad Nacional del Nordeste –
  • Universidad Nacional del Noroeste de la Provincia de Buenos Aires – 
  • Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora –
  • Universidad Nacional del Sur –
  • Universidad Nacional de Luján –
  • Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata –
  • Universidad Nacional de Misiones –
  • Universidad Nacional de Quilmes –
  • Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto –
  • Universidad Nacional de Río Negro –
  • Universidad Nacional de Rosario –
  • Universidad Nacional de Salta –
  • Universidad Nacional de San Juan –
  • Universidad Nacional de San Luis –
  • Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero –
  • Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero –
  • Universidad Nacional de Tucumán –
  • Universidad Nacional de Villa María –
  • Universidad Notarial Argentina –
  • Universidad San Pablo – Tucuman  –
  • Universidad Tecnológica Nacional  –
  • Universidad Torcuato Di Tella –

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