2019 Top Low Tuition Universities in Estonia – How to Apply

Hi there, today, we will walk you through the list of low tuition universities in Estonia, the tuition fee structure, and admission requirements and the top universities in Estonia.

Sometimes, students fail to expand their study abroad views. Apart from study in the low tuition Canadian universities, you can comfortably opt in for studies in Estonia.

Hence, If you are planning to study in Estonia, you are taking the best decision.

In Estonia, there are lots of cheap and affordable tuition universities which you can study abroad in.

The majority of higher education institutions in Estonia offer study programs and courses taught in English and gladly welcome international students and researchers.

Tuition fees in Estonian universities vary from one university to another. This happens as different universities set different tuition fees for various courses with respect to the course of study and specialization.

Generally, in Estonia the tuition fees fall between 1023
Euros to 7350 Euros per year. 

Most times, graduate and postgraduate courses may cost more depending on the course and university chosen by the student. Tuition fees in Estonia is much less as compared to some other countries in Europe (but not free).

Like MS in Engineering will cost about 2000 Euros/semester and many top notch students get tuition waiver.

Admission requirements

As we all may have known, to secure an Admission to BS (Undergraduate) called as ‘First Cycle’ in Estonia educational system demands – your upper secondary/high school result.

On the other hand, studying at the MS/PhD level wouldn’t exempt you from presenting details of your BS/MS degree/GPA/Transcripts as the case may be.

Having good grades in your results can bolster your application.

Cost of Living in Estonia

Living costs in Estonia are affordable. General feedback from foreigners who have spent some time there is that living conditions are just like those in Western Europe.

A Student’s  lifestyle can greatly raise the costs of living. Living in major cities would cost more than the minor ones.

Hence, the cost of living can not be given a well defined line. An estimate on monthly basis is that living cost falls within this range, depending on the student`s choices.


Student accommodation prices in Estonia start from €100 per month in student dormitories.

Some universities have student dormitories with single, double and triple rooms. Housing costs largely depend on the location and size of the flat.

On average, the prices range from about €100 for a place in a double room in the residence hall to €180–€450 or more for a private flat.

Daily specials in pubs and cafes: €2.50–€4


Public transport is available for all students and is free of charge in Tallinn (only for residents of Tallinn, including international students studying in Tallinn).

Local public transport in Tartu: €8.63 with a monthly ticket (with student card), single ticket for a student €0.51 (€1 on the bus).

Most universities have everything needed (supermarkets, cafes, shops, pharmacy, gym etc.) located within a short walking distance.

Taxi (depending on company): average starting fee from €1.9, each km from €0.6.

Bus ticket from Tallinn to Tartu: €8.10–€10.50

Entertainment and free time
Theater ticket: €12–€18

Concert ticket: € 8–€30

Nightclub ticket: up to €5–€15 (depends on the club, free entrance or discounts for ladies or students with a student card are common)

Movie ticket: €4.5–€5.7 (depending on the cinema or time of the day or day of the week)


The Estonian government awards various scholarships to university students and researchers to study and do research at public universities and institutions in Estonia.

Scholarships in Estonia are mostly meant for students undertaking courses at the master’s and doctorate levels. But in some cases, scholarships are given for bachelor degrees to take care of the student’s tuition fees.

Doctoral Studies and Internationalization Programme “DoRa” activities are meant for masters students, doctoral students and members of teaching staff who are already studying or working at higher education institutions in Estonia or intend to do so.

Below is the List of Low Tuition Universities in Estonia – Search no more

Audentes University

Audentes University, Tartu Branch

Concordia International University Estonia

Estonian Academy of Arts

Estonian Academy of Music

Estonian Agricultural University

Estonian Business School

Estonian Public Service Academy

International University Estonia

Tallinn Institute of Technology

Tallinn University

Tartu Medical School

University Nord

Concordia International University Estonia

Tallinn University of Technology

University Tartu 

Estonian Business School

If you are interested in any of the universities listed above or have further questions, do well by commenting in the comment box below so we can assist you.

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  1. I am looking for a masters degree place to study in Australia at any University with low tution fee.l would like to study masters degree in family psychology , forensic psychology and psychology of adult development and aging .
    I will be grateful if you can assist me to get a place to study .

    Thank so much.

    1. I’m Seth and I’m looking for opportunity do my masters in healthcare administration in a low tuition University.

  2. My name is David,I am a bachelors degree holder from a renowned international institution in Nigeria. I wish to enrol for amasters degree programs in one of your low tuition universities. Kindly assist me with a list of schools and their contact detail to enable me pursue and actualise my academic dreams.

    1. David, we are happy that this article was useful to you. Please type the name of any of the institutions above in your browser and the official website will appear; thank you!

  3. Hi, my name is Nwagbo Chioma from Nigeria, I wish to apply for my masters in Estonia, but so far the universities I’ve checked are not open for 2019/2020 applications, please do you have information on any university that is is open for application this year. Thank you

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